Cloock Beta Version Terms of Service

Last updated: 5 Aug 2023

Welcome! We thank you for starting to use Cloock's beta version. Please read the following Terms of Service carefully and ensure that you understand them. These terms govern your use of the product's beta version.

1 Data Encryption and Storage

During Cloock's beta version, user data will be stored in the database without encryption. However, your privacy and security are our priorities, and we will take necessary measures to protect this data to the best of our ability.

2 Usage Limitations

Cloock's beta version is provided for a limited beta user group. These users have been selected from individuals with closed beta access to test the product, provide feedback, and help identify potential issues.

3 Data Collection and Usage

User activities and usage data can be collected and analyzed during the closed beta phase for the purpose of improving and enhancing the product. This data will be used to enhance user experience and make the service more effective.

4 Liability Disclaimer

Due to Cloock's beta version being in the development stage, issues such as faulty operation or data loss may occur. Users agree to use the product's beta version at their own responsibility.

5 Changes and Updates

The Terms of Service may be updated periodically as required by product development and usage conditions. Users agree to regularly check for updates to these terms.

These Terms of Service regulate your commitments and responsibilities regarding the use of Cloock's beta version. By starting to use the product, you confirm that you understand and accept these terms.

Thank you!

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